How can you tell if you have hail damage?

roof hail damage

How big must hail be to damage roof?

Spring and summer in Texas can be an iffy time of the year when It comes to weather. We can go from 2 degrees below zero and heat up to 90 de-grees all in one day, as they say, like the temperature saw a state trooper. In between that drastic temperature change, it isn’t unlikely that we could have some storms with it, leaving behind hail damage roofs across the state.

Hail damage roof tops isn’t always visible, and when it is visible, it can be different shapes and sizes. However, hail damage roofs can be led than one inch, approximately the see of a quarter, can cause damaged to an asphalt roofing.

Hail damage roof top that is one to two inches in size is about the size of an egg and quarter side by side. This is easy for a homeowner to ,e on an asphalt or metal roofing. Any hail that is Larger than two inches will definitely leave hail damage roof tops that can’t be missed.

What does roof hail damage look like?

If you’ve never experienced hail damage, you may not know if you have roof hail damage, what to look for. The following indicates any hail damage rooftop:

  • Missing granules: With safety First, climb a ladder and see if any of the shingles are missing granules. If you see the black layer or substrate showing, this could be recent damage. If the black layer or substrate took weathered, sun bleached, the damage is old.
  • Bruises: If you feel dents or dimples as you ,0 your hand over a shingle, and it feels spongy, this is potential hail damage. Roof shingle should feet gritty, but without dents. Left unaddressed, the roof will begin to age quicker.
  • Cracking:A large hailstone can leave a roundish cracking around where the hail stone hit. This is definite hail damage; roof shingle is likely damaged down under the gritty asphalt to the fiberglass matting. ,ft unaddressed, the roof becomes susceptible to possible water penetration with the next rain, and then you’ll have a teak and bigger problems.

Should I replace my roof after hail?

Because all hail damage roofs have isn’t always visible from the ground, it is important to have a professional roofer examine your roof. If you file an insurance claim, the insurance company will have a professional inspection done.

If the roofer advises you that there is a hail damage, roof repair may be all you need, not necessarily a full roof replacement. Whatever the roofer recommends, and you should get two or three inspections and quotes, you should follow through. Any damage left unaddressed, bruised, cracked, dented, missing shingles or more, will allow moisture to get under the shingles, to the decking, and into your attic.

Should I file a claim for hail damage?

You have homeowner’s insurance for major even. Lice a fire, tree falling on house, windstorm, and hail. Damage roofs may not always be enough damage for a valid claim, it may not be worth filing. This is why insurance experts recommend reviewing of your homeowner’s insurance policy and confirm your deductible.

Most policies have a one percent to two percent deductible. If your roof only needs a few shingles replaced, it may not be worth the deductible. Before you have a professional roofer inspect your roof, you can look for some signs of damaged yourself:

  • Dent in the down spouts or gutters?
  • Chips in the paint or clients and holes in fascia board or siding?
  • Air conditioner coil damaged?
  • Cracked skylight or windows?
roof hail damage

If you see any of these things, then you should have your roof inspected by a professional who wilt be the best judge that your home has enough roof hail dam-age when to replace. Another sign that you may have hail damage, roofs are being repair or replaced in your neighborhood.

Do insurance rates go up for hail damage?

Are you hesitant to file a hail damage roof claim because your homeowner’s insurance rates may be increased? In most cased, this likely won’t happened if the root damage isn’t caused by neglect.A situation that a hail damage roof claim could cause your rates to increase would be if you have filed other claims on your home owner’s already and the hail damage roof claim is one of the subsequent claims.

You have homeowner’s insurance to help you protect your home from damage and theft. However, you don’t want to abuse the use of the coverage.For minor repairs. it is best to pay fr that out of pocket and save your homeowner’s insurance laim for more serious issues like a hail damage root claim. Looking for help with you hail insurance claim in Forney, TX? Call (972) 742-3071 today.