When should I install a new roof?

Protecting your home year-round

Your home is an expensive and important investment and the roof on that home is a protecting for your home and your belonging. Which is why it is essentially to do regular inspection and keep maintenance up with the roof. A new roof installation is an expense that most home owners are not prepared financially.

In a lucky but unlucky way, most homeowner will get a new roof installation when they need to file an insurance claim or damage. “Will homeowner insurance pay for a new roof? , is a popular question, but there isn’t any straight yes or no answer. Some acceptable insurance roof claims can depend on where you’re located. Most insurance roof claims are likely because of :

  • Hailstorms

  • Ice storms

  • Heavy snow

  • High winds

  • Tree limbs and trees
  • Gales
new roof

Insurance roof claims are denied if the adjuster deems that the roof has been neglected, meaning the homeowner has not kept up with cleaning the roof, cleaning the gutters, and making repairs as needed. Nor will homeowner’s insurance pay for a new roof simply because it is old, and normal wear and tear have made a new roof necessary. There may be other exceptions within a policy. It is important to review your homeowner’s insurance policy before you ever need to file any insurance roof claims or other claims.

What does a new roof consist of?

The Supporting Structure
  • The Ridge Board: This is the horizontal beam at the rooftop. The raters are attached by their upper ends and form the height of a roof and its triangle.
  • The Rafters: The rafters are beams that are sloped between the ridge board and the eaves and support the roof deck, the outer materials, and resist gravity’s downward force.
  • The Ceiling Joists: The ceiling joists are parallel with the ridge board and run across the rafters, providing ties for the rafters and providing protection against the outward force from the weight of the materials installed on top.
  • The Eaves: The eaves are the lower edge of the roof and project past the outer walls to keep water away.
  • The Decking or Sheathing: These are the flat panels attached on top of the beams and provide the platform that they attach the outer layers to.
The Outer Weatherproof Layer
  • The Covering: On top of the roof decking are the insulating and waterproofing layers are attached. This are the materials that are chosen to match the home’s exterior and the homeowner’s style and taste. This can be asphalt shingles, clay tiles, metal panels, or slate tiles.
  • The Flashing: The Flashing is the thin waterproof pieces, usually metal, and are installed in the roof joints like around the chimney, vents, etc.
  • The Fascia: The fascia is the horizontal band that closes the rafter edges and is typically made of metal or wood. This is where the gutters are attached.
  • The Gutter: The gutters are the narrow channel system that collects rainwater and diverts it away from the foundation.

Should I stay home during roof replacement?

The short answer is no, and if you hire a reputable roof installation company, you shouldn’t feel as if you should. A new roofing job for an average size single- family home typically takes 2 or 3 days, some may take one day. A few precautions of the roof installation process to be prepared for are:

If a member of the household works from home, or is ill, make other arrangements for the days the roofing is taking place due to the noise factor. If children will be home during the installation, it is recommended to keep them indoors, so they aren’t in danger of the work taking place, and the same with your pets. If your new roof is due to a natural act or fire, anything that requires you to leave your home, most policies have allowance for lodging during the installation period.

How long does it take for a new roof to settle?

Any curing time needed for roofing tiles will vary by type of roofing material and the manufacturing of the tiles. Usually all are lying flat within 24 hours after installation is complete.

new roof

How long does it take for new roof shingles to seal?

If installed correctly, they should be sealed immediately upon installation. The roofing contractor will typically make sure the nails used during installation only penetrate where the seal area is and surround the nails to form a watertight barrier. If the time comes that your home needs a new roof, it is important to get several roof installation estimates and compare the estimates. Ask all the questions you have and the ones we have listed here and got everything in writing. Check with your insurance company on all factors of your homeowner’s insurance policy on what is allowed on insurance roof claims and the process they require filing a claim. Dial (972) 742-3071 today for your roof inspection needs in Forney, TX.